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    Complete unite
    Medium complete unit


    HKJ32 feed set:
    HKJ35 feed set:
    HKJ40 feed set:
    The magnetic separation unit set, grinding, mixing, granulation improved screening at cooling, ventilation and dust removal products packaging, electrical control, one-year ban 5000-10000 tons of production, stability of the unit performance. Steel frame structure, easy to install.
    output:2-4t/h  Main motor power:120KW  Outline dimensio: 8.5x6.5x8.8m
    output:2-6t/h  Main motor power:150KW  Outline dimensio: 9.5x7x9.8m
    output:3-8t/h  Main motor power:190KW  Outline dimensio: 10.5x7.5x11.8m

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